AutoGuard™ Top Track

The AutoGuard™ automatic pool cover top track system can be designed as part of nearly any pool shape. A top track installation simply refers to the housing of the cover – a recessed compartment visually removes the cover roll-up from the pool area.  The cover’s low profile track is securely mounted to the top of the pool deck. The leading edge of the cover is strong and bow resistant with wheel mechanisms that glide the cover open and closed.

Features & Options

  • – SmartMotion technology to prevent cover overrun
  • – Track can be incorporated flush with concrete decks
  • – Vinyl bench housing available
  • – Ladder hinges for use of internal pool ladder


  • – Electric drive mechanism
  • – Locking split coupler for enhanced operation and easy maintenance
  • – Sturdy aluminum lid that provides easy access to system components
  • – Lid triangles and end protectors